TERMS & CONDITIONS COPPERHEAD MEDIA LTD. 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background 1.1.1 Copperhead Media Ltd. is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission, and bets are offered under Combined Remote Operating Licence No. 000-041739-R-322099-001. 1.1.2 The Gambling Commission is based at Victoria Square House, Victoria Square, Birmingham, B2 4BP. In placing a bet in Great Britain, you are entering into a contract which is governed by the Gambling Act 2005 (or any superseding Act). 1.2 Parties 1.2.1 Any reference to “you”, “your”, or “customer” refers to any person who uses our Service or opens an Account. 1.2.2 References in the terms to “the Company”, “we”, “our” or “us” will relate to Copperhead Media Ltd. 1.3 Agreements Incorporated By Reference These following agreements are incorporated herein and form part of these Terms and Conditions and form part of your agreement with us with respect to your use of the Service: (a) Customer Agreement; (b) Loserpool/Razorpool Rulebook; (c) Privacy Policy; (d) Cookie Policy; 1.4 Definitions Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalized words and phrases that are used in these Terms and Conditions shall have the meanings given to those words and phrases in their respective agreements. 1.5 Agreement re: Services 1.5.1 These terms and conditions (referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”) constitute your agreement in respect of your use of Copperhead Media Ltd. and all games, products and services offered through our website (www.loserpool.com) or any mobile device or platform (the “Service”). 1.5.2 Unless expressly agreed otherwise, all transactions between you and Copperhead Media Ltd. are deemed to take place in Great Britain. 1.6 Creating An Account By opening an Account and/or using an Account to access the Service offered by Copperhead Media, you agree to comply with, and be bound by, these Terms and Conditions and the provisions of all other agreements incorporated herein. 1.7 Covenants 1.7.1 You covenant, represent and agree that: (a) you have the mental capacity to take responsibility for your own actions and can enter into this agreement with us which is enforceable by law; (b) you have verified and determined that your use of the Services does not violate any laws or regulations of any jurisdiction that applies to you; (c) you will only use the Service for lawful purposes and in a lawful manner, and will comply with all relevant laws and regulations regarding the Service and your use of the Service; (d) you will not use the Service (including but not limited to when providing your details or corresponding with our staff or other customers) in any way which could be considered defamatory, abusive, obscene, unlawful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, or which could otherwise cause offence. (e) you are not prohibited from entering into the bet by any term of your contract of employment or any rule of a sport governing body which applies to you; (f) you are not aware of any circumstances which would make the placing of the bet a breach of a rule on betting applied by a sport governing body; and (g) where the bet is placed on the outcome of an event, you do not know the outcome of the event. 1.7.2 In the event of such representation by you proving to be false your stake will be forfeit and we shall not be obliged to pay any winnings which might otherwise have been payable in respect of the bet. 1.7.3 It is also your responsibility to ensure that debit card or credit card issuer allows such card to be used for gambling purposes. We cannot accept responsibility for any action taken by a card issuer against an account holder. We reserve the right to void any transactions made using cards where the issuer prohibits use of the card for betting. 1.8 Changes to Terms 1.8.1 We reserve the right to amend, modify, update and change these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Any modified version of these Terms and Conditions will take effect 14 days after its publication on our website or earlier if required by any applicable law, regulation or directive and your continued use of the Services after such period will be deemed to constitute your acceptance of the changes to the Terms and Conditions. It remains your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the correct, current terms and conditions of these Terms and Conditions and we advise you to check for updates on a regular basis. 1.8.2 If you do not accept any changes made to the Terms and Conditions, you should stop using the Service and close your Account. Any bets or wagers received on an Account, but not settled prior to the introduction of the updated Terms and Conditions will be subject to the Terms and Conditions applicable at the time your bet or wager was received by us. 1.8.3 Where we intend to make significant changes we will endeavour to notify you using an appropriate method of communication at our discretion which may involve: post and/or email and/or a notice on our website and/or any other method deemed appropriate by us. 1.9 Agreement re: Data 1.9.1 You agree that: (a) all data submitted to us will be stored in our database for so as long as the relationship between us continues, and for statutory regulatory purposes thereafter; and (b) we may record, retain and use data submitted by you: (i) for the provision of the Services to you, to administer our records, to respond to any query that you may raise with us and to update our systems; (ii) for monitoring, statistical analysis or marketing purposes information on or from your access to and use of the Service; (iii) to provide aggregate statistics about the Service, customers, traffic patterns, and related service information to reputable third parties, but these statistics would not contain personally identifying information; and (iv) to keep you informed about the services and products which we offer, and send you promotional material, subject to any periods of self exclusion. 1.9.2 We will not hold data about you which is excessive in respect of the purposes for which it is collected and all data submitted by you will be subject to these Terms and Conditions and terms of our Privacy Policy. 1.10 Translations The original Terms are written in English, and any interpretation of them will be based on the English version. The English version will always prevail in the event that the Terms and Conditions are translated into any other language. 1.11 Effective Date These Terms and Conditions are effective from and after 23 March 2016 and shall supersede and replace all previous versions. 2. USE OF THE SERVICE 2.1 Requirements to Use the Service 2.1.1 In order to use the Service, you must: (a) provide all equipment necessary to establish a connection to the internet; (b) provide for access to the internet and pay service fees associated with such access; and (c) supply all connect service features required by the Service. 2.1.2 In consideration for providing use of the Service, you agree to: (a) provide current, complete, and accurate information about yourself as prompted to do so by the Service; (b) maintain and update such information as required to keep it current, complete, and accurate; (c) use the Service only in accordance with applicable law; (d) not use the Service for illegal purposes; (e) not interfere or disrupt networks connected to the Service; and (f) comply with all regulations, policies and procedures of networks connected to the Service. 2.2 Prohibited Activities You will not use the Service for, and will not engage in any of the following activities: (a) copying, distributing, or disclosing any part of the Service, including any source code, object code, or any annotations thereto, in any medium, including without limitation by any automated or non-automated “scraping”; (b) using automated means (including but not limited to harvesting bots, robots, parser, spiders or screen scrapers) to obtain, collect or access any information on, through or related to the Service or of any user of the Service for any purpose; (c) using any automated system, including without limitation “robots,” “spiders,” “offline readers,” etc., to access the Service in a manner that sends more request messages to our servers than a human can reasonably produce in the same period of time by using a conventional online web browser or mobile application; (d) transmitting spam, chain letters, or other unsolicited email; (e) attempting to interfere with, compromise the system integrity or security or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running the Service; (f) taking any action that imposes, or may impose at our sole discretion an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure; (g) uploading invalid data, viruses, worms, malware, or other software agents through the Service; (h) collecting or harvesting any personally identifiable information, including account names, from the Service; (i) using the Service for any commercial solicitation purposes except as set forth herein; (j) impersonating another customer or otherwise misrepresenting your affiliation with a person or entity, conducting fraud, hiding or attempting to hide your identity; (k) interfering with the proper working of the Service; (l) accessing any content on the Service through any technology or means other than those provided or authorized by the Service; or (m) bypassing the measures we may use to prevent or restrict access to the Service, including without limitation features that prevent or restrict use or copying of any content or enforce limitations on use of the Service or the content therein. 2.3 Restrictions Imposed by ISP You shall not interfere with another customer’s use and enjoyment of the Service or another entity's use and enjoyment of similar services. Your Internet Services Provider may establish limits on the number of messages which can be sent, received and/or stored by you in order to prevent excessive use of the Service by one or more customers which could negatively impact the use of the Service by others, and you agree to comply which any such limits which Internet Services Provider may establish. 3. USE OF MOBILE SOFTWARE 3.1 Mobile Software 3.1.1 Our Service is available via software for mobile devices (“Mobile Software”). To use the Mobile Software you must have a mobile device that is compatible with the Mobile Software. 3.1.2 We do not warrant that the Mobile Software will be compatible with your mobile device. 3.1.3 We grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use a compiled code copy of the Mobile Software on mobile devices owned or leased solely by you, for your personal use. 3.1.4 With respect to the use of Mobile Software, you may not: (a) modify, disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the Mobile Software; (b) rent, lease, loan, resell, sublicense, distribute or otherwise transfer the Mobile Software to any third party or use the Mobile Software to provide similar services for any third party; (c) make any copies of the Mobile Software; (d) remove, circumvent, disable, damage or otherwise interfere with security-related features of the Mobile Software, features that prevent or restrict use or copying of any content accessible through the Mobile Software, or features that enforce limitations on use of the Mobile Software; or (e) delete the copyright and other proprietary rights notices on the Mobile Software. 3.1.5 You acknowledge that we may from time to time issue upgraded versions of the Mobile Software, and may automatically electronically upgrade the version of the Mobile Software that you are using on your mobile device. You consent to such automatic upgrading on your mobile device, and agree that these Terms and Conditions will apply to all such upgrades. 3.1.6 Any third-party code that may be incorporated in the Mobile Software is covered by the applicable open source or third-party license, if any, authorizing use of such code. 3.1.7 The foregoing license grant is not a sale of the Mobile Software or any copy thereof, and Copperhead Media Ltd. or its third party partners or suppliers retain all right, title, and interest in the Mobile Software (and any copy thereof). 3.1.8 Any attempt by you to transfer any of the rights, duties or obligations hereunder, except as expressly provided for in these Terms and Conditions, is void. 3.1.9 We reserve all rights with respect to such Mobile Software that are not expressly granted under this Agreement. 3.2 Mobile Charges 3.2.1 You may use mobile data in connection with the Mobile Software applications to access the Service and/or sign up to receive certain notifications or information via text messaging or connect with others. 3.2.2 You agree that if you provide us with your phone number, we may use it to contact you via voice calls or text messages or to enable other users to contact you pursuant to the features or functionality of the Service. You may incur additional charges from your wireless provider for these services. You agree that you are solely responsible for any such charges. 4. USER CONTENT 4.1 User Information 4.1.1 Your Information is any information you provide, publish or post to or through the Service (including any profile information you provide) or send to other users (including via in-application feedback, any email feature, or through any related social media postings) (your “Information”). 4.1.2 You consent to us using your Information to create an account that will allow you to use the Service. Our collection and use of personal information in connection with the Service is as provided in our Privacy Policy. 4.1.3 You are solely responsible for your Information and your interactions with others, and we act only as a conduit for your online posting of any Information. 4.1.4 It is possible for others to obtain Information about you that you provide, publish or post to or through the Service (including any profile information you provide), send to other users, and to use such information to harass or harm you. We are not responsible for the use of any Information that you disclose to other users on the Service. Please carefully select the type of information that you post through the Service or release to others. We disclaim all liability, regardless of the form of action, for the acts or omissions of other users (including unauthorized users, or “hackers”). 4.1.5 You agree to provide and maintain accurate, current and complete Information and that we and other members of the public may rely on your Information as accurate, current and complete. 4.2 Right to User Information 4.2.1 By posting, providing, or otherwise making available any Information or content on or through the Service, you expressly grant, and you represent and warrant that you have all rights necessary to grant, to us a royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, edit, translate, distribute, syndicate, publicly perform, publicly display, and make derivative works of all such Information and content and your name, voice, and/or likeness as contained in your Information or content, in whole or in part, and in any form, media or technology, whether now known or hereafter developed, for use in connection with the Service and our (and our successors’ and affiliates’) business, including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the Service (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels. 4.3 Our Proprietary Rights 4.3.1 Except for content or Information that you submit, the Service and all materials therein or transferred thereby, including, without limitation, software, images, text, graphics, illustrations, logos, patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, photographs, audio, videos, music, and content belonging to other users, and all intellectual property rights related thereto, are the exclusive property of Copperhead Media Ltd. and our licensors. 4.3.2 For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “intellectual property rights” include all patent rights, copyright rights, mask work rights, moral rights, rights of publicity, trademark, trade dress and service mark rights, goodwill, trade secret rights and other intellectual property rights as may now exist or hereafter come into existence, and all applications therefore and registrations, renewals and extensions thereof, under the laws of any state, country, territory or other jurisdiction. 4.3.3 Except as explicitly provided herein, nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to create a license in or under any such intellectual property rights, and you agree not to sell, license, rent, modify, distribute, copy, reproduce, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, publish, adapt, edit or create derivative works from any of our content. 4.3.4 Use of any Copperhead Media Ltd. content for any purpose not expressly permitted by these Terms and Conditions is strictly prohibited. 4.4 Limited Licence re: Intellectual Property Rights 4.4.1 Copperhead Media Ltd. hereby grants users a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-licensable right to install and use any applicable software in association with the Service, and all content derived from such software, including, but not limited to, the copyright and all other intellectual property rights therein, in connection with the Service and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. 5. THIRD PARTY SITES 5.1 Access to Third Party Sites 5.1.1 The Service may contain links to third party websites, advertisers, services, special offers, or other events or activities that are not owned or controlled by us. We do not endorse or assume any responsibility for any such third party sites, information, materials, products, or services. 5.1.2 If you access a third party website or service from the Service, you do so at your own risk, and you understand that these Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy do not apply to your use of such other sites. 6. TECHNICAL FAILURES 6.1 Efforts to Resolve In the event of any unexpected system flaws, faults or errors relating to the software or hardware serving the Service, we will endeavour to resolve the problem within a reasonable time. 6.2 Liability in the Event of Technical Failures 6.2.1 We shall not be liable to you if (without limitation) your Account settlement (or other elements of the Service) issues arise as a result of systems' errors, communications' errors, bugs or viruses. 6.2.2 We also reserve the right to void all affected games and take necessary action to correct such errors. However we are not required to provide any back up network and/or systems or similar services. 6.2.3 You agree that we shall not be responsible for any loss, including loss of winnings, resulting from the Service failing to operate correctly because of, but not limited to the following: (a) Any delay or interruption in operation or transmission; (b) System failures, software error bugs, viruses or other faults (including errors or omissions in content); (c) Any loss or corruption of data or communication or lines failure; (d) Any person's misuse of the Service; or (e) Any other factors beyond our control. 7. ALTERATIONS TO SERVICE 7.1 Maintenance and Modification of Service 7.1.1 To ensure the continued provision of the Service, we may at any time decide to carry out software maintenance or modify the Service. 7.1.2 As a result of maintenance requirements and/or a change to the Service, we may restrict your access to the Service from time to time. We will try, although we cannot guarantee, to undertake these modifications or maintenance requirements during times which minimise the impact upon our customers. 7.1.3 We are also not responsible for: (a) Corrections or data corruptions caused by software, its agents or sub-contractors; (b) Diagnosis and/or rectification of potential malfunctions or actual faults; (c) Rectification of lost or corrupt data or programs arising for any reason; (d) Support of software or any accessories, attachments, machines, systems or other items; or (e) Support of any software. 7.1.4 We provide no warranty or guarantee as to the suitability or quality of the Service and you acknowledge that you have the sole responsibility for the use of the Service. 8. BREACH OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS 8.1 Indemnification 8.1.1 You agree fully to indemnify, defend and hold us, and our officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors and suppliers, harmless immediately on demand, from and against all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses including legal fees, arising out of any breach of these Terms and Conditions by you or any other liabilities arising out of your access and use of the Service (or by anyone else using your username and password and/or accessing your Account). 8.1.2 Any breach of these Terms and Conditions will be regarded as a material breach and entitle us to terminate our agreement with you immediately. As a result of your actions we may use monies in your Account to settle any liabilities we may incur. 8.1.3 We reserve the right to lock your Account or terminate a customer relationship if: (a) you breach this Agreement or any gaming rules; (b) your funds are insufficient for the proposed gaming transaction; (c) legal requirements require such locking or termination; (d) we suspect that access to your Account may not be by an authorized person; (e) we have reason to suspect any crime or abuse in relation to the you and/or you Account; or (f) security, disrepute or other reason deemed reasonable by us. 9. EVENTS OUTSIDE OUR CONTROL 9.1.1 If events occur which are outside our reasonable control then we will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under these Terms and Conditions. 9.1.2 If any such events should arise our obligations will be suspended for the duration of the applicable event. The time for performing these obligations will then be extended by a period commensurate to the duration of such event. We will use our reasonable endeavours to resume normal operations despite the occurrence of any such event. 10. WARRANTIES 10.1 Use of Service At Your Own Risk 10.1.1 You acknowledge and agree that your access to and use of the Service is at your sole option, discretion and risk. 10.1.2 You further acknowledge that your access to and use of the Service is permitted solely in strict accordance with these Terms and Conditions and that any winnings will only be paid if won in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. We will not be liable to you if you attempt to use the Service using methods not permitted by us or if you are otherwise in breach of these Terms and Conditions. 10.1.3 We will try to operate the Service using reasonable skill and care and substantially as described in these Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge and accept that the Service is provided "as is". No warranties or representations are therefore applicable to any subsequent faults or failings. 10.1.4 Any representation, warranty, condition or guarantee whether express or implied (including without limitation any implied warranty of satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose, completeness or accuracy, uninterrupted provision, non-infringement or warranty that service will be timely, secure or error free or that the applicable servers are free of viruses, bugs or other malicious programs or that their use will meet your requirements) are hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. 10.2 Obligations re: Virus Detection We will take reasonable precautions to ensure that data generated by us has been swept for viruses, but it is your responsibility to ensure that the onward transmission, opening or use of data to you will not adversely affect your systems or data. You will therefore ensure that your computer has up to date virus detection software and carry out such virus and other checks as are reasonable to ensure that (i) you will not transmit any virus to us and (ii) if any virus is transmitted by us to you it will not cause any loss and/or damage to you. 11. LIABILITY 11.1.1 Other than our obligation to pay you winnings which have been won in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and subject always to our rules, our maximum liability to you arising out of or in connection with your access to and use of the Service whether for breach of contract, or tort (including negligence) or otherwise will be limited: (a) in respect of a single transaction in relation to which the liability in question has arisen, to the amount of bets or stakes placed by you from your Account in respect of such transaction; (b) in relation to any product in any period to the greater of: (i) the amount of bets or stakes placed by you from your Account in relation to such product during such six month period; or (ii) ten thousand pounds sterling (£10,000). 11.1.2 Under no circumstances will we be liable to you in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise under or in connection with this Agreement, your use of, or inability to use the Service, for: (a) any injury, loss, claim, loss of profits, opportunity or revenue, loss of business or agreements, loss of goodwill, loss of use or corruption of software, loss or corruption of data or loss of anticipated savings; (b) loss or damage to property, or injury; (c) general damages or any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages of any kind. 11.1.3 The above conditions are applicable even if such losses are foreseeable or if we have been notified by you of the possibility of such losses arising. 11.1.4 You specifically acknowledge, agree and accept that we are not liable to you for the following: (a) Any defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any customer or third party; (b) Any loss, including any loss of winnings, arising from the use, abuse or misuse of the Service whether by you or a third party; (c) Any loss, including loss of winnings, incurred in the sending of information to the Service by you or by a third party; (d) IT failures which are caused by the hardware or software equipment which you or other customers are using to access the Service; (e) Any technical failures, system breakdowns, defects, delays, interruptions, manipulated or improper data transmission, loss or corruption of data, communications' lines failure, distributed denial of service attacks, or bugs or viruses or any other adverse technological consequence to service; (f) The accuracy, completeness or currency of any information services provided including without limitation, results or general statistics displayed or provided by the Service; or (g) Any failure on our part to observe any self-exclusion policies that we may reasonably have in place from time to time and any failure on our part to interact with you where we may have concerns about your activities. 11.1.5 Nothing in these terms shall operate so as to exclude or restrict our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, or for fraud. 12. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 12.1 Limited Licence 12.1.1 We hereby grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-licensable right to install and use software in association with the Service, and all content derived from such software, including, but not limited to, the copyright and all other intellectual property rights therein, in connection with the Services in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. 12.1.2 You may install the software on a hard disk or other storage device and may make back up copies of the software, provided that such back up copies are used only by you in connection with the Services through a computer of which you are the principal user. 12.1.3 The software's code, structure and organization are protected by intellectual property rights. You must not: (a) copy, redistribute, publish, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify, translate or make any attempt to access the object code, source code, or any annotations thereto, and to create derivate works of the object code, source code, or otherwise; (b) sell, assign, sublicense, transfer, distribute or lease the software; (c) make the software available to any third party through a computer network or otherwise; (d) export the software to any country (whether by physical or electronic means); or (e) use the software in a manner prohibited by applicable laws or regulations. 12.1.4 You will be solely liable for any damage, costs or expenses arising out of or in connection with the commission of any activities prohibited in 12.1.3. You shall notify us immediately upon becoming aware of any such prohibited activities and shall provide us with reasonable assistance with any investigations we may conduct in light of the information provided by you in this respect. 12.1.5 You acknowledge and agree that the following intellectual property rights which include but are not limited to intellectual property in the Service, in our e-mails and in any other correspondence, shall at all times remain vested in us or our licensors: (a) any trademarks, logos and trade names; (b) domain names, database rights and all related software, including content published or used on it. 12.1.6 All materials, including (but not limited to) design, text, graphics, music, sound, photographs, video, including their selection and arrangement, software compilations, underlying source code and software in relation to the Service are the copyright of Copperhead Media Ltd., or its applicable licensors. 12.1.7 You may not transfer, copy, reproduce, distribute, exploit or make any other use of the materials as referenced in section 12.1.6 above. 12.1.8 In addition, any use by you or a third party of the Service which is illegal, mechanically or electronically reproduced, if not obtained through legitimate channels or if such use contains printing, production, typographical, mechanical, electronic or any other errors shall be deemed in breach of this Agreement. 12.1.9 We will not be liable to you for any losses nor be liable to pay you any winnings if we have reasonable cause to believe that you have engaged in any activity prohibited by this Article 12 (Intellectual Property). 13. CHAT ROOM 13.1.1 As part of your use of the Service, we may provide you with a chat facility via which you will be able to communicate with customers using the Service. We reserve the right to review the chat and to keep a record of all statements made on such facility. Your use of the chat facility is subject to the following rules: (a) You shall not make any statements that are sexually explicit or grossly offensive, including expressions of bigotry, racism, hatred or profanity. (b) You shall not make statements that are abusive, defamatory or harassing or insulting to other users of the Service. (c) Unless otherwise agreed by us, you shall not make statements that advertise, promote or otherwise relate to any other online entities. (d) You shall not make statements about Copperhead Media Ltd. or the Service or any other internet site connected to us that are untrue and/or malicious and/or damaging to us. 13.1.2 In the event of your breaching any of the above provisions relating to the chat facility, we shall have the right to remove your chat privilege or even terminate your Account. Upon such termination, we shall refund to you any funds which may be in your Account over and above any amount which may be owing to us at such time. 13.1.3 You understand and agree that when using the chat facility any personally identifiable information that you submit, can be read, collected, or used by other users of the same chat facility and could be used by third parties to send you unsolicited messages. We are not and shall not be responsible for the personally identifiable information that you choose to submit via the chat facility. 14. MISCELLANEOUS 14.1 Governing Law and Jurisdiction 14.1.1 This Agreement and all other additional terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales. 14.1.2 The courts of England and Wales shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes relating to these terms. All other disputes should be dealt with by our complaints and dispute policy in the Customer Agreement. 14.2 Waiver 14.2.1 If we do not enforce the carrying out of any of your obligations or if we do not apply any of our permitted rights or remedies we shall not be prevented from enforcing such rights or remedies or requiring you to fulfil your obligations moving forward. 14.3 Severability If any provision of these Terms and Conditions are deemed unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable then they shall be severable from the rest of the applicable terms. Any term/s which is deemed severable shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms. 14.4 Additional Terms 14.4.1 These Terms and Conditions including all associated documents, rules and other terms referred to within or incorporated by reference herein, comprise the entire agreement between us in respect of the Service and supersede all prior communications and understandings relating to the subject matter of our relationship. 14.4.2 A verbal or written declaration by any employee or agent of Copperhead Media Ltd. should not be regarded as a variation of these Terms and Conditions or an authorised statement relating to product or service quality. We shall have no liability to you for any unauthorised statement except where fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation can be demonstrated. 14.4.3 No person other than Copperhead Media Ltd. shall have the right to enforce these terms or bring an action under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.