About Us

Have you ever been given the career advice, “Do what you love and you will never spend a day working”? After hearing it about a thousand times we decided it was time to test the theory. As it turns out, getting a startup company to the point where you can do what you love takes a lot of work! We have emerged after years of hermitic existence, with eyes squinting in the sunlight and blood dangerously low on Vitamin D, to bring you our vision of a good time: Loserpool®, an online community brought together by a collective love of sport, competition, rivalry and camaraderie.

Loserpool ® is proudly owned and operated by Copperhead Media Ltd. a company incorporated in the United Kingdom (UK). Loserpool ® and www.loserpool.com are licenced by the UK’s Gambling Commission.

Loserpool ® takes pride in the community being built and the experience we can offer. We want to be known as the most accessible online gaming company and invite you to give us your thoughts and feedback on anything we can do that will improve your experience.

Thank you for helping us build our dream!

Chris Bakker

Supreme Loser (CEO/CMO)